Cumbria Crack

Snow and freezing temperatures forecast for Cumbria

[C]umbrians are being warned to be prepared ahead of a severe weather forecast for later this week.

Latest reports show temperatures continuing to drop across the county and the potential for snow to cause disruption, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday. Northern and eastern areas of the county are most likely to be affected, but all areas, at all elevations, could see snow. Residents living in isolated areas on high ground should be particularly aware.

The county council has been working over the weekend to ensure roads are gritted and this effort will continue, including gritting priority 3 roads into towns and villages and main pavements. But drivers should drive carefully and be prepared for the possibility of localised road closures later in the week. Plans are also in place to ensure that the council will be able to continue to deliver care to vulnerable people, whatever the weather. But neighbours are being urged to look out for elderly or vulnerable people in their communities as the cold begins to bite.

Cllr Keith Little, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “The next few days are likely to be the coldest of the winter so far so everyone needs to plan ahead and be prepared for disruption. We’re no strangers to snow in the county and dealing with this is something we are experienced at, but taking a few extra steps can help keep everyone safe and the county moving. At the council we’re assessing the likely risks and making sure we have the plans in place to keep vital services running.”

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