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Workington danger driver had heavily pregnant partner in car during chase

[A] BANNED driver who leapt from a moving car during a Workington police chase, leaving his pregnant partner inside, has been jailed.

Michael Simon Moore was seen by officers close to the town’s football ground, on January 9, in an Audi A3 which was insured only to a female.

Moore, 24, “accelerated hard” as blue lights were illuminated, and a chase ensued during which he mounted pavements, overtook on a blind bend and forced pedestrians to take evasive action. The route took in residential roads and Moore reached 60mph.

The chase ended when Moore slowed before opening the driver’s door and leaping from the vehicle, which ran into a hedge with his heavily pregnant partner still inside. He was then caught by police.

Moore admitted dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and without insurance, and was jailed for six months at Carlisle Crown Court. He was said to have been hospital-bound that afternoon after his partner started showing “signs of distress”. That caused him to “panic”, as did seeing police.

Judge James Adkin also banned Moore, of Harrington Road, Workington, from driving for two years. Judge Adkin told him: “You were driving at such speed and so dangerously it was pure good fortune no-one was seriously injured.”

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