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Penrith Town Council sets its precept

[A]t its meeting on Monday 26th February Penrith Town Council set its precept for the year from 1 April 2018. This will form part of the total Council Tax that will be collected from residents in Penrith. The total Council Tax bill for the most common household in Penrith will be £1,428. Of this £62.30 will be paid to Penrith Town Council.

The Town Council’s precept has increased so that it can fund a range of services which it intends to take over from Eden District Council. These include a wide range of much valued services including play areas, informal recreation areas, benches, bus shelters and some of the town’s iconic structures, the Musgrave Monument and the Cornmarket Bandstand.

Because it is transferring these services to the Town Council, Eden District Council is reducing the Council Tax it charges Penrith residents. This means that in total the Council Tax paid by the most common household for the services provided by the Town Council and Eden District Council will reduce from £212 to £211. The slight reduction reflects the growth in household numbers.

Penrith Mayor, Councillor Scott Jackson, said: “The precept and budget agreed for next year will help the Town Council to protect and develop a range of services.

“These are services that Penrithians greatly value and I am confident that the Town Council will deliver these to a high standard. I get lots of positive comments about what the Town Council is doing.

“I am confident that the Town Council is now well placed to continue making a difference for all our residents.”

he figures quoted above are for a Band B property. This is the most common Council Tax band in Penrith with over 40% of households in Band B

The total Council Tax bill payable in Penrith for a Band B property will be:

Penrith Town Council 62.30
Eden District Council 148.36
Cumbria County Council 1036.10
Police and crime commissioner 181.02
Total 1427.78

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