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M6 lane closures and speed restrictions

[D]ue to the continued adverse weather, and for public safety, the Highways Agency, Police and multi-agency partners have reduced the M6 to one lane throughout the County.

Speed restrictions of 30 and 40 MPH have been put in place and drivers are reminded to drive to the conditions of the road in front of them.

The two lane closure runs from junction 36 to junction 45, north and southbound. The closures and restrictions will remain in place overnight at a minimum, but may continue into tomorrow.

The drifting snow has made roads conditions hazardous, with multiple collisions being attended by Police and partner agencies throughout the day. The public is advised to only drive if absolutely essential.

All Agencies are working together to keep the roads clear with significant resources out overnight.

Please contact Police on 101 if you are in a vehicle and in need of assistance. Always dial 999 in an emergency.

Keep up-to-date with: The weather:

Where the roads are being gritted: or follow @Cumbriagritters.

The latest situation on the roads:

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