Cumbria Crack

1,100 without power in Cumbria

[E]lectricity North West engineers have restored supplies to 20,000 properties as strong winds continue to cause new power cuts in the region.

400 engineers are still working across the region to restore supplies but access issues and high winds continue to hamper efforts with some rural areas expected to be without power overnight.

High winds and drifting snow are making it difficult for engineers to access damaged overhead lines, and to climb poles to make repairs. Gusts of 61mph have been recorded in the North Lakes with continuing snow showers and further snow predicted from the south and east later today with high winds predicted until midnight.

Teams will continue to work through the night, where it is safe to do so, with additional teams on standby from first light tomorrow to continue restorations, including engineers from the North East power network.

Latest restoration numbers:

  • 7,700 properties in Cumbria restored with 1,100 remaining
  • 6,100 properties in Lancashire restored with 500 remaining
  • 6,200 properties in the Peak District restored with 300 remaining.

Electricity North West incident manager, Chris Fox said: “Our engineers are working in atrocious conditions to restore power to affected areas but due to the worsening weather we may not be able to restore power to everyone tonight.

“We have secured additional engineering teams from the North East and Northern Ireland electricity networks however access and climbing conditions remain the main issues so some repairs may not be possible until tomorrow.

“We are continuing to work with the emergency services to highlight priority areas for restoration. Please get in touch with us if you are without power and stay safe and warm until our engineers can restore power.”

When all power cuts have been restored and the incident is over, Electricity North West will proactively notify customers who have been without electricity for more than 12 hours offering goodwill payments for the inconvenience of being without power.

Electricity North West offers extra support to customers through its Priority Services Register. Extra support is available to customers if they require it. Customers can register online by visiting or calling Electricity North West on 105.

For advice on how to be prepared and stay safe please visit

To report a power cut please call the new national number 105, follow @ElectricityNW on Twitter or Facebook.

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