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Domestic attack sees Barrow man jailed for 19 months

Thomas Larkin

[A] man who carried out a vicious assault on a woman he then kept imprisoned inside an address has today been sentenced to 19 months in prison.

Thomas Larkin, 35, of Egerton Court, Barrow, admitted charges of grievous bodily harm, false imprisonment, affray and threats with a weapon and was sentenced at Preston Crown Court today (9/3/18).

The court heard how Larkin carried out a violent domestic assault on a woman at an address in Egerton Court, Barrow, on 23 August 2017.

Larkin forced the woman to the ground, face down and grabbed her arm, forcing it up her back until the bone snapped.

When an ambulance attended to assist the injured woman, paramedics had to wait for police to assist with entry to the property.

When police officers attended, Larkin continued to refuse access whilst making threats of violence. Eventually, Larkin opened the door but did so whilst brandishing a metal pole.

He dropped the pole when officers threatened to use a taser and police were able to get the injured woman out of the address and into an ambulance.

However, Larkin refused to leave the flat and continued to make threats towards officers. When the officers forced their way inside, Larkin swung the metal pole at them whilst attempting to barricade himself inside different rooms.

The situation was resolved when Larkin was tasered three separate times by officers who then arrested him.

In his police interview, Larkin gave no comment responses to all questions including how the victim came to suffer a broken arm.

Detective Constable Rebecca Joseph said: “Larkin subjected the victim in this case to an horrific assault and then refused to allow medical professionals the opportunity to help her.

“When police arrived, he fought with officers, swinging a metal pole which could have done considerable damage.

“Throughout the interview process, Larkin refused to take responsibility for his actions and showed no remorse for the injuries he had inflicted.

“Cumbria Police takes all reports of domestic abuse seriously and will investigate professionally in seeking to bring offenders to justice.”

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