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MP calls on England to boycott World Cup if FIFA fail to withdraw it from Russia

Tim Farron MP

[F]ormer Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron is calling on England to boycott the World Cup if FIFA fail to withdraw it from Russia.

Tim said: “If Russia is guilty of this appalling crime, on top of the information we now have of their state-sponsored interference in democratic elections in the UK, US and elsewhere then we should boycott the World Cup.

“I would call on all our EU and NATO allies to follow suit.  Russia’s choice to be an international bully must be met with a response that hits them where it really hurts, their pride.

“The World Cup this summer cannot go ahead as if nothing has happened, and civilised democratic peace-loving countries cannot just show up and hand Putin his PR victory.

“I am a football fanatic, I love the World Cup, I am proud that my country has qualified.  But we cannot just stand by and let a bully win.”

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