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WATCH: Bury man jailed after high-speed pursuit ended in two-car crash

[A] Bury man has been jailed after DNA from his airbag proved he was responsible for a high-speed pursuit that ended in a two-car-collision.

Today, Thursday 15 March 2018, Sheroze Khan (06/08/1994) of Bury Road, Radcliffe has been jailed at Minshull Street Crown Court for driving offences after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.

Sheroze Khan

An officer was on patrol in Radcliffe on Sunday 2 April 2017 and, as he drove along Dale Street, he saw Khan’s Peugeot 206, which sped through the junction without stopping.

Applying his brakes to avoid colliding with the Peugeot, the officer noticed Khan wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and activated his emergency equipment to stop the car.

Ignoring the sirens, Khan sped up even more, travelling at 70mph through residential areas.

Khan continued onto Bury Road despite the pursuit, overtaking a car at speed before colliding with a Vauxhall Corsa, leaving it spinning out of control.

He then collided with a Renault Clio on the opposite side of the road, the force of which threw Khan from his Peugeot through the front passenger door window causing him to land next to his own car.

He was taken to hospital with a bleed on the brain and a broken neck, where he was detained until he recovered.

In May 2017, Khan was interviewed under caution and made no comment, but DNA from the Peugeot’s passenger side airbag proved that it was him behind the wheel.

Khan was already disqualified from driving when this happened and today, he has been sentenced to one year and six weeks in prison for dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, disqualified driving and driving without insurance. He has also been further disqualified from driving for two years and 29 weeks.

Police Constable Seamus Toal of GMP’s Serious Collision and Investigation Unit, said: “Khan showed an absolute disregard not just for the law, but for people’s safety as he sped past their homes.

“He drove so dangerously that it took a collision with two cars, and for him to be thrown out of his own Peugeot, to bring him to a halt.

“He is now safely behind bars, to live with the destruction he caused behind the wheel.”

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