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Duo jailed for “grossly degrading sexual attack” in Carlisle

Kabir Hussain and Marco Martins

[T]WO men have been jailed for a total of almost 15 years after a woman was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted on Christmas Eve in Carlisle.

The victim initially thought strangers Kabir Hussain, 40, and 31-year-old Marco Martins were trying to help her as she left a city pub in a drunken state during the early hours. Carlisle Crown Court heard she was “sandwiched” between the pair – and even carried at one stage – while being led through the city centre on the promise of being taken to a taxi.

But instead she was lured to a flat where she was raped twice by Hussain and once by a third man who was arrested by police but has since absconded. During the first of Hussein’s attacks, Martins sexually assaulted the terrified woman. She had attempted to distract Hussain with talk of religion and Christmas.

“But he was not for stopping,” said prosecutor Tim Evans. “Throughout it all she was begging to be allowed home but none of the men responded.”

The woman was said to have been left “numb” by the ordeal. “I know I will obviously never be able to forget what’s happened,” she said in a statement, “but right now I just simply don’t know how to move on.”

Hussain, of Dod Street, London, admitted two rape charges and one sexual assault, while Martins of Borland Avenue, Carlisle, pleaded guilty to one sexual assault charge. Martins had been located by police following a Christmas Day public appeal.

Hussain and Martins were sentenced today (FRI) by Judge James Adkin, who handed down sentences of 11 years and 45 months, respectively.

Judge Adkin told the men, who must each sign the sex offenders’ register indefinitely, they had committed a “most grossly degrading sexual attack”.

In his police interview, Hussain read from a pre-prepared statement in which he admitted having sex with the woman but said it was consensual. He added that she had not seemed very drunk or unable to consent.

Hussain was asked a series of questions regarding the offences but replied ‘no comment’ to all.

Martins, in his police interview, admitted to masturbating in the room but denied he had done anything wrong.

The victim was found to have suffered a number of bruising and scratching injuries, including to her arms, thighs and chest.

Both men admitted the offences at court.

Detective Sergeant Rob Ewin said: “This case highlights the issue of consent.

“Both of these men would have been only too aware that the victim was in no condition to consent to sexual activity that evening. They had almost carried her at times as they took her away from a bar and to the address. Yet they carried out a number of sexual acts upon her.

“The victim had told the men she had wanted to go home. But they ignored her and took advantage of her vulnerable state.

“I would like to thank the victim in this case for the bravery she showed in coming forward to report this offence and in supporting the efforts of the police and the Crown Prosecution Service in bringing both of these men to justice.”

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