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Local charity sees a spring rise in senior cats looking for new homes

Rosie, 15 and Shadow, 13

[O]ak Tree Animals’ Charity in Wetheral has seen a significant rise in the number of older cats looking for new homes in the first quarter of this year. Currently a third of the cats searching for their new forever home at Oak Tree are aged seven or older, with the oldest being 15 years young.

80% of the cats on the charity’s waiting list awaiting intake are seven years old and upwards, with the numbers increasing weekly.

Anne-Marie McGivern, Veterinary Nurse Supervisor explained “Through no fault of their own these seniors have found themselves at a charity. Often their owner has died or is elderly and can no longer care for their cat and family members are unable to offer assistance.”

“Older cats can make fantastic pets, as with these cats you know exactly what you are getting in terms of personality and temperament and they have mastered the etiquette of living in the home with a family. Their size is not in dispute, unless they have one too many treats!”

Oak Tree is hoping to find loving new forever homes for these fabulous felines before the arrival of ‘kitten season’ when litters start to be born. The unwanted kittens often end up at charities like Oak Tree.

Anne-Marie explained “Once the kittens are onsite, the older cats are often overlooked by potential adopters. The young, fluffy bundle of fun that is a kitten is hard work, still has so much to learn and manners are a thing of the future! Seniors ask for so little, a warm lap to sit on, a hand to stroke and feed them and a place to call home.”

For further information about rehoming a pet from Oak Tree Animals’ Charity and the Charity’s work please visit or call 01228 560082

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