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Brand New Slimming World Group

Slimming World

[B]rand New Slimming World Group on a Tuesday evening 7pm at Botcherby Community Centre, Victoria Road, Carlisle. Launching on Tuesday 3rd April.

Brand new Sliimming World Group with me, Emma. Come and join us every Tuesday 7pm at Botcherby Community Centre, Victoria Road, Carlisle.

Eat unlimited free foods, never feel hungry again and lose weight beautifully whilst never ever feeling deprived. Enjoy family friendly meals like lasagne, Sunday roasts, full English breakfasts & lose weight? Absolutely, join me every Tuesday and spring into summer with slimming worlds Extra Easy plan.

Come and meet like minded people with the same ultimate goals and have fun, make some new friends along the way and then most importantly take that first step to being the new you 💕

I promise to be there for you 52 weeks a year and support and encourage you all the way to your own chosen target 🎯 x

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