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Discounted compost bins available now

[D]o you regularly have leftover food?  Don’t throw it away!  You can order a compost bin from just £7.99 from the Recycle for Cumbria website.

Cumbria County Council’s Recycle for Cumbria team has been working hard to reduce food waste by making compost bins available in the county at heavily discounted rates since 2014.  Since then, 684 units have been distributed.  All households that have a compost bin have the means to dispose organic waste produced at home and reduce the amount of waste being sent to waste treatment plants.

Compost bins can accept most food waste, and coupled with organic garden waste, will produce rich compost ready for use in household plants, in the garden or allotment.

Councillor Celia Tibble, Cumbria County Council Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “We want even more to get involved in composting at home!  The compost bin offers are a great incentive to encourage more residents to get composting – home composting organic waste not only helps reduce carbon emissions but is a good way to reduce the amount of waste sent for treatment.”

There are two sizes of compost bins currently on offer at £7.99 and £9.99 including delivery. You can choose a compost bin size to suit your household based on how much uncooked food and garden waste you produce. The medium sized bin at £7.99 would suit a two-person household with a small garden, or the larger £9.99 compost bin would suit a four person home with a larger garden. The offer lasts until mid-April 2018 and can be ordered from the Recycle for Cumbria website here:

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