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New TV show to be filmed in Cumbria

Peter Sidwell

[T]V chef Peter Sidwell is getting back to where it all began and filming a follow up TV series to Channel 4’s ‘Lakes on a Plate’ first broadcast in 2010.

The Keswick-based chef has teamed up with Cumbrian production company Adamedia to produce the series for broadcast on Amazon Prime. The series will be filmed over the next 12 months to showcase Cumbria through the seasons. Both Peter and Adam have worked together on various projects for a variety of clients, so it was an obvious choice when presented with this opportunity to create a show for a global audience.

‘A Taste of the Lakes’ New TV Show Teaser Edit from Adamedia on Vimeo.

Peter Sidwell, Owner Simply Good Food TV and Keswick Cookery School said: “Making the first TV series was an amazing opportunity to cook my way around both the Lake District and Cumbria showcasing the amazing food, locations and people of this area. A lot has happened in the TV world since then, both the way people view programs and where people go to watch TV. Bringing both my own business and Adamedia together to creatively produce, film and distribute the program seemed like the perfect opportunity to create the type of show I have been asked for and wanted to make since ‘Lakes on a Plate’ was first broadcast.

“We have been working over the winter to film a pilot show to help demonstrate how the show will look and feel. Keeping the entire production within Cumbria was an important element for me and a key objective to help demonstrate the talent and ability up here in our county.”

Adam Pearson, Director of Adamedia said: “I’ve lived in Cumbria all of my life and have a love for the Lake District. Working with Peter recently has been great and now I’m looking forward to revisiting some of my favourite areas, but also discovering some new ones as we look for amazing locations for this series. I’ve been producing video content for a number of years now and have a passion for all things visual – we’ll be using ground and aerial filming – a great combination that will really bring to life this fantastic scenery, its people, and some great food.”

This is a super exciting opportunity for brands and businesses to get involved and showcase their products in context. The advertising world on TV is currently struggling as more and more people are watching TV on-demand and skipping ads. This project offers the perfect opportunity to create first-class digital content both within the show and for businesses’ own marketing campaigns.

The show will be broadcast to a global audience on the Amazon platform as well as Simply Good Food TV App – one of Peter’s other media businesses.

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