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WARNING: Don’t let your property or rubbish bin become a target for arson!

[C]umbria Fire & Rescue Service is keen to remind people that wheelie bin fires pose a significant risk to buildings and the people inside them.

Rubbish bin fires put people’s lives and property in danger. By keeping wheelie bins out of sight, stored away from the building and, if possible, behind locked gates, these risks can be reduced. It is also advisable to keep wheelie bins away from external windows and doors to prevent potential fire spread.

Catherine Moody, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service’s Home Accident Reduction Team Leader, said: “We would ask residents and businesses to follow these precautions to reduce the risks of deliberate wheelie bin fires. Wheelie bin fires may also be caused by carelessly discarded cigarettes and I would urge people not to put cigarette ends into wheelie bins, even if you think they are out.”

You can help prevent rubbish fires by following these tips:

  • Store all wheelie bins away, especially at night, to avoid them becoming a target for arsonists.
  • Only place your wheelie bin out on collection day and return it to your property as soon as possible after collection.
  • Whenever possible, wheelie bins should be stored securely behind locked gates.
  • Do not overfill your wheelie bins or leave loose rubbish around them.
  • Don’t store wheelie bins by windows or doors – any fire in the bin could easily spread to your property.
  • Don’t allow rubbish or bins to block escape routes.
  • Don’t smoke in or around storage areas.
  • Don’t place hot items in the bin, e.g.  smoking materials, hot embers from coal/wood, etc.

If a fire breaks out:  Get out, stay out and call 999.

If you witness a crime being committed, or about to be committed, or if you feel there is a risk of serious injury, please call 999 immediately.

Don’t let your bin become a target for arsonists!

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