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NHS Tour with the Healthwatch Chatty Van meets hundreds people

Healthwatch Cumbria Chatty Van

[B]ay Health and Care Partners recently partnered with Healthwatch Lancashire and Cumbria to tour North Lancashire and South Cumbria in the innovative Healthwatch ‘Chatty Van’.

Visiting communities, the aim was to make people aware of issues facing the NHS in Morecambe Bay, as well as discussing new initiatives and ideas for improvements.

Andrew Bennett, Chief Officer, NHS Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group said: “As a health system we have undertaken analysis of our challenges, identified some steps we could take to meet these challenges and made suggestions – the obvious next step is to involve patients and public in our work to hear views and also to take on board their ideas.

“I would like to thank everyone who visited the Chatty Van, completed the questionnaire on-line or on paper or filled in a comment card, your input is of great value and we really appreciate your time.”

Over three weeks, Healthwatch and NHS staff met with hundreds of members of the public, asking for their thoughts and views on ideas and suggestions. The Chatty Van visited nine locations across Morecambe Bay, parking in well-known locations inviting the public to have their say, as well as informing staff, partners and other health and care colleagues of our recent new models of health care and ideas for the future.

Andrew Bennett said: “There will now be a period of evaluation and it is anticipated that in May we will inform staff and public of our findings, key themes and the next steps will be taking going forward. This information will be shared through a variety of channels e.g. Public Board meetings”

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