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Police crackdown on Carlisle drivers following speeding concerns

[P]olice have recently launched a speeding enforcement operation in north Cumbria following issues being raised by the public with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall.

Operation Sabre saw officers identify vehicles that had committed moving traffic offences such as motorists using hand-held mobile phones whilst driving, those who contravened traffic signs and signals, as well as vehicle defects. A hand-held speed gun was also used to identify motorists committing speeding offences who were subsequently given words of advice.  This was in response to complaints and issues that had been raised from residents and members of the public in the Longtown and Brampton areas.

  • 68 moving vehicles were checked for insurance and MOT details as well as 37 vehicles subjected to routine vehicle stops. This resulted in:
  • 13 motorists issued with words of advice for a range of issues, including speed awareness and vehicle defects.
  • One Traffic Offence Report issued for use of a mobile phone on Warwick Road.
  • One Traffic Offence Report for contravening a red traffic light on Hardwicke Circus.
  • One Traffic Offence Report for contravening a solid white line.
  • Two Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme forms issued for non-standard number plates.
  • One Home Office Road Traffic form issued to confirm appropriate insurance.
  • Three letters issued for motorists who were caught speeding.

Inspector Mike James said: “This was a successful operation in that the majority of motorists witnessed by officers were driving in accordance with the law.

“Speeding is often a concern for local people and we do a lot of work to target and educate motorists who view speeding as acceptable.

“Sadly those who speed will only realise the impact of their irresponsible behaviour when it results in tragic consequences.

“We will continue to listen and work closely with our local communities in order to address any concerns they may have, including conducting similar operations in the future.”

Police & Crime Commissioner Peter McCall said: “A significant part of my role involves listening to the views, concerns and issues from people in Cumbria, and ascertaining what their priorities for the police are.  In the spirit of ‘we asked – you said – we did’, I then fed this back to the Constabulary.

“One subject that comes up frequently is speeding, along with anti-social driving, parking issues and road-safety in general.  In the north of the county, there were a number of areas that seemed to crop up regularly, which I passed on to the constabulary. The force were then able to use the information – along with other multi-agency accident and road safety data collated by the local problem solving team – to target the areas of concern.

“As a result, I am really pleased to say that Operation Sabre was successful in increasing awareness of road safety, addressing speeding offences and poor vehicle condition, as the results below show. In addition, there has been an increased visible police presence across the city and in the rural areas such as Brampton and Longtown which aims to increase public confidence and provide a proactive approach to road safety.

“I believe that this sends a clear message to the public that raising such matters with myself or the police does make a difference.  We do listen, and where possible, appropriate action will be taken.”

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