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Carlisle man punched friend – and then asked him to drop the charges

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] MAN has been sentenced by a judge for punching his friend in the head – and then later asking him to drop the charges.

Alistair David Pape, 35, assaulted long-standing pal Lee Laurie with repeated blows to the face on October 11. As his victim – who had offered him temporarily shelter at his Carlisle home – was grounded, Pape rifled through his pockets and stole £150. Several weeks later, he visited Mr Laurie in the dead of night and asked him to drop the charges.

Two days later, Carlisle Crown Court heard, Pape and another male then burgled a farm outbuilding near Shap before each stealing £8,000 quad bikes. The burglars tried to make off from police during a 45mph road chase in Penrith, Pape being arrested while his accomplice fled.

At Carlisle Crown Court today (THURS), Pape was handed a 45-week jail term for six crimes. He had admitted two assaults against Mr Laurie and theft, along with burglary, during without insurance and heroin possession.

Pape, previously of Central Avenue, Carlisle, and now of no fixed address, was said to be sorry for his offending. Having spent time on remand, his release from custody was imminent, the court heard, and he was keen to overcome previous problems.

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