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Charity fundraisers raise over £3000 for animals in the Arctic!

Sarah Batty and Caroline Johnson

[T]wo colleagues from Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, Wetheral, have raised over £2900 for animals in our region by dog-sledding over 260km from Norway to Sweden, camping overnight in temperatures of -25oC

The pair undertook the challenge over 5 days, sledding up to 8 hours per day through mountains and lakes.

Sarah Batty, Fundraising and Communications Manager at Oak Tree said “This was one of the toughest challenges we have ever undertaken. Not only was the sledding physically hard, the extreme temperatures we faced led to some extremely challenging situations. We are absolutely delighted to have been able to complete this challenge and raise over £3000 for Oak Tree. Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored us and helped us to make a real difference to animals in our area”.

Dog sledding across a Norwegian lake

Caroline Johnson, General Manager at Oak Tree continued “The Alaskan Huskies we completed the challenge with were fantastic and the challenge really highlighted the high energy and working nature of these amazing dogs. Anyone considering a Husky as a pet really should think about the high level of exercise and mental stimulation these wonderful dogs need. While loving and affectionate, Huskies need space, a very active lifestyle, companionship and when excited love to howl!”

To support Caroline and Sarah in their ‘Team Oak Tree Husky Challenge’ please visit

Alternatively you can call 01228 560082. To find out how you can help raise money for animals in our region through a challenge or event of your own please contact [email protected].

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