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Whitehaven woman who delivered blackmail threat handed suspended jail term

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] WOMAN who delivered a chilling blackmail threat to the mother of a debt-ridden son has been given a suspended prison term.

Holly Lamb, 22, was said to have fallen in “with the wrong crowd” when she visited a house to speak with a male who owed money last May.

When told he wasn’t there, handset-holding Lamb told his mother: “If you don’t tell us, there’s a guy on this phone now who is going to be sending the lads to hit your house, and everybody else’s.”

Carlisle Crown Court heard the woman was “badly affected” by the incident. However, she had managed to take photos and Lamb, of Ramsey Drive, Parton, Whitehaven, was later identified and arrested.

Lamb admitted conspiracy to commit blackmail. The court heard she was an “intelligent young lady” with excellent references who had “bitterly” regretted her criminal involvement and was “getting herself back on track”.

Recorder Neville Biddle suspended a 20-month prison sentence for two years and ordered Lamb to complete 120 hours’ unpaid work.

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