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Premium Estate Agent Celebrates Record First Year in Business

Samantha Ashdown and Phil Jones. Credit Molly Jones

[A]shdown Jones was co-founded by Samantha Ashdown and her son-in-law Phil Jones twelve months ago, celebrates its first birthday this month. Growing from the founding pair to a team of six, the Windermere based company specialises in selling the Lake District’s finest homes. The company has chalked up an impressive track record of sales already including selling a home within four months that had been on the market for over four years.

Co-founder Phil who had the initial idea wanted to create a business that could become a legacy for his young family. Hailing from Kendal and now in Natland Phil explains.

Like many young men I’m still hoping to become a Premier League Footballer but when we had our first child I thought I better have a plan B.  I wanted to start a business that would help people progress with their own lives whilst giving me something to pass on to my family if I worked hard enough at it.”

Mum-in-law Sam, had been working in the property sector for the last fourteen years and described how the business got off the ground.

“I have been running HomeTruths since 2004, helping thousands of homeowners move house, and more recently, training estate agents throughout Europe to get their service right.

Phil – my son-in-law – approached me in early 2017 with the idea to start an estate agency, and at first I was skeptical. After all, there are many established agents in the Lake District so it would be a tough launch. But we set out with one aim in mind – to sell only the very best homes in the Lakes. I think that bold decision of selectivity has been our success. We have been asked to sell some of the most beautiful homes in our area, many for over a million pounds. But it’s not all about the price of the house; we are really good at marketing homes that are unique, special and have a character all of their own, and it’s how we sell houses rather than just what we sell that has made all the difference.”

Sam, who is about to move house herself has already moved home forty-four times across nine different countries but is from Kendal originally. Sam’s history is from a line of local entrepreneurs and those from Kendal may remember the businesses her family have run over the years. Her grandparents had Townley and Taylors the famous Kendal toy shop and Ashdown’s Modern Shoe Repairers on Wildman Street. Her parents ran the popular Pop Inn on Sandes Avenue before running the Roller Disco Rink at The Lakes School in the 1980s. It is Sam’s entrepreneurial heritage that has inspired her to celebrate Ashdown Jones first birthday by ‘Paying It Forward’ for fellow local entrepreneurs.

“We have teamed up with a range of local businesses who have been supportive of us during our first twelve months, so a lucky customer of theirs may find their meal paid for, or an extra bottle of wine from us. The local business can choose who they give the treat to, some are choosing to reward regular customers. We know the challenges of creating a quality successful business and wanted to support those who have supported us. It’s our way of saying thank you to our local area for an unbelievably great first year in business.”

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