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Prolific Carlisle shoplifter locked up

Corrina Kirkpatrick

[A] PROLIFIC Carlisle shoplifter who struck on 13 different dates during a seven-month spree has been jailed.

Corrina Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, 27, stole household items and food worth around £650 as she repeatedly targeted city stores between September and earlier this month.

On one occasion Kirkpatrick produced an iron bar and waved it around after being detained by staff in one shop. In another, Carlisle Crown Court heard, she was also challenged by workers but then simply “laughed” at them as she swiped sweets from a shelf.

Kirkpatrick, of Dalton Avenue, was handed a 21-month prison sentence today (THURS) by a judge who heard she had 34 previous shoplifting crimes on her record. She had admitted 14 new thefts, along with offensive weapon possession and public order.

Newtown Road Spar shop, Carlisle, where Corrina Kirkpatrick struck three times during her crime spree.

Judge Peter Hughes QC banned Kirkpatrick from every Co-op, Spar, B&M, McColl’s and One Stop store in Carlisle for four years, and also every retail outlet within the city shopwatch scheme.

Judge Hughes described her as a “public nuisance” and a “bane in the side” of shopkeepers.

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