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Taking your driving test is a stressful experience, no matter what your age, your gender or your location and there are so many housewife’s tales surrounding the test, including such chestnuts as pass quotas, where’s best to take your test and of course, who’re the better drivers, male or female.

Much of it is urban myth, so local car dealership Swansway Motor Group which runs Carlisle Audi, set out to find the truth about the Driving Test.

Living in and around Carlisle it’s likely that you’ll take your practical driving test at the local Carlisle test centre; so does this make you more or less likely to pass?

The pass rate at Carlisle is 48.6%, higher than the average across the country, which is 47.1%. Why could this be? Well, it seems that one of the biggest influences on whether you pass or fail is where you take your driving test with rural areas having significantly higher pass rates than cities or large towns.

Take your test in the beautiful little Scottish coastal town of Mallaig and the pass rate is 72.2%; move South to Erith in South East London and your chances of passing plummet to 30.3%.

Male drivers in Carlisle have a 51.8% pass rate, whilst their female counterparts have a 46% pass rate (based on 2017 figures); men win out on passing their test first time too, with 57.5% driving to success at the first go, against 50.9% of females (based on 2016 figures).

It seems that the old adage ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ applies to driving too, with 56.8% of 17 year olds passing the test, whilst just 33.5% of 55 year olds pass.

The DVSA have yet to release figures for the first quarter of 2018, these will show whether the introduction of Sat Nav to the test has had impact and keep a look-out, from 4 June instructors, with dual control cars, will be able to take their pupils on the motorway, though this won’t form part of the driving test.

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