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Public Space Protection Order in Carlisle

Carlisle Castle

[A] new legal order that aims to Keep Carlisle Clean is now in force.

The Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for Carlisle will maintain the quality of the district’s environment and green spaces so that everyone can enjoy living, working in and visiting Carlisle.

Carlisle City Council has put in place measures to deter anti-social behaviour whilst continuing to ensure that appropriate support is in place to protect some of the most vulnerable people in Carlisle.

The PSPO replaces the Designated Public Place Order (‘DPPO’), and a Dog Control Order. These placed controls on the consumption of alcohol in public spaces and the behaviour of dogs and their owners.

The PSPO keeps these controls in place plus controls other types of behaviour.

It covers the full Carlisle City Council local authority area.

The ‘new’ behaviours to be addressed under the PSPO are:

  • Challenging anti-social behaviour by groups or individuals in the city centre public spaces and car parks within the district;
  • Smoking, consuming alcohol, drug taking and solvent abuse in play areas; and
  • Dogs excluded from enclosed play areas.

As part of the PSPO, the City Council is also introducing the requirement for dogs to be kept on their leads in the following areas:

  • Carlisle Cemetery and Crematorium;
  • Stanwix Cemetery;
  • Upperby Cemetery Manor Road; and
  • Talkin Tarn Country Park (designated area only).

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