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Serial Carlisle sex pest banned from having contact with female members of public

Michael McShane

[A] SERIAL sex pest has been banned from approaching or having contact with any female members of the public.

Michael Francis McShane, 61, was branded a “nuisance offender on the streets of Carlisle” by a judge at the city’s crown court last month. McShane was handed a 29-month jail term for drunkenly groping one woman, and trying to touch up a second startled female two days later.

Both offences occurred in and around Carlisle city centre in late January.

The court heard McShane, of Aglionby Street, also had almost three dozen sexual offences on a rap sheet featuring almost 300 crimes. Around a dozen of these were for sexual assault, while nine others were “exposure-type” matters.

His barrister admitted at the sentencing hearing that, when intoxicated, McShane “can’t help himself”.

He was brought back to the crown court today (TUES), and made subject to a 10-year sexual harm prevention order comprising 11 strict conditions.

He is prevented from being drunk and disorderly in public; from entering a designated area of Carlisle city centre between 8am and 6pm; and from approaching, following or having any physical contact with any female member of the public – except for inadvertent contact “inevitable in day-to-day life”.

Judge James Adkin said the order was being made to “spare” females the “unwanted attention” which McShane was prone to showing in the past.

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