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Man detained and “replica firearm” recovered after armed police deployed in Carlisle

[A]RMED police were deployed as a precaution outside Carlisle railway station this afternoon amid a report that a male was seen “carrying a suspected handgun”.

A number of marked police vehicles, including at least one containing armed officers, could be seen in and around Court Square for a time.

One witness spoke of police “swarming” around the area.

A man was later said to have been detained, and a “replica firearm” recovered.

A Cumbria Constabulary spokesperson had said in an initial statement: “Cumbria Police received a report at 2.06pm today (18th April) of a sighting of a male carrying a suspected handgun on Collier Lane in Carlisle.

“Officers were quickly deployed to the scene to search the area and armed officers have been deployed as a precaution.

“Enquiries remain ongoing to establish the circumstances of this incident.

“There is no believed threat to members of the public at this time.”

In a subsequent statement released late this afternoon, a police spokesman said: “Officers have detained a man and the weapon in question – a replica firearm – has been recovered.

“No threats were made to the public during this incident and officers thank the public for their patience.”

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