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Carlisle shoplifter targeted same city store three times in four days

Simon Highmore

[A] SHOPLIFTER who targeted the same Carlisle city centre shop three times in four days has been locked up for six months.

Prolific thief Simon Robert Highmore snatched £125 worth of razor blades from Boots in English Street on both March 18 and 19, and was captured on CCTV as he did so. He was finally detained at the store on March 21 as he tried to steal more razor blades with a bag he had modified in a bid to beat the store security’s system.

Carlisle’s Boots store

Carlisle Crown Court heard 28-year-old Highmore was detained again, on March 25, in the foyer area of a Sainsbury’s store as he attempted to steal four speakers and two sets of headphones, worth £220.

He was sentenced today (MON) having admitted two thefts, two attempted thefts and two offences of going equipped for theft.

The court heard Highmore, of Priory Road, Carlisle, had almost 90 previous offences on his record, 65 of these being for theft.

He was jailed by Judge James Adkin, who also imposed a two-year criminal behaviour order which prohibits Highmore entering any retail outlet which is part of the Carlisle shop watch scheme.

Sergeant, Chris Blain said: “I am pleased with the outcome of this case, it has involved hard work from officers and support from retailers and Carlisle’s Shopwatch scheme. It sends out a clear message that antisocial and criminal behaviour will not be tolerated.

“I hope that the two years will allow Simon to reflect on and change his behaviour, theft is never acceptable.

“Shoplifting is not just an economic crime, it has knock effects throughout a community, so we will continue to work closely with retailers and Shopwatch members to prevent this type of crime. I hope that this result reassures retailers that shoplifting is taken seriously and will prosecute with their assistance.”

Anyone who witnesses Simon Highmore breaching the terms of his criminal behaviour order should contact the police.

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