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Carlisle premises fail alcohol test purchase

[T]hree Carlisle premises failed a test purchase operation over the weekend during a joint operation carried out by the Police and Trading Standards.

A total of nine licensed premises were visited on the evening of Friday April 20th, and were tested on whether they challenged alcohol purchasers for identification.

The six premises who passed the test were:

  • Bargain Booze, Scotland Road;
  • Spar, Longtown;
  • Fourways, Greystone Road;
  • Turf;
  • Spar, Hutton Way;
  • Co-Op, Stonegarth.

Of the three who failed the test, one had also failed the previous test in January of this year, and will now be requested to meet with the licensing department and police. All were fined £90.

Sergeant Scott Adams said: “I congratulate those six premises who challenged the test purchaser and who refused to sell alcohol when they could not supply appropriate identification.

“It is disappointing that three failed the test, and we will work with those premises to educate their staff on the importance of challenging those that attempt to buy alcohol while under the legal age.

“We will continue to carry out operations of this kind not just in Carlisle but across Cumbria. All licence holders and premises supervisors should take note. There are always those who look older than their age but it is important for staff to do the right thing and make sure they are checking their identification.”

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