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Local agricultural expert’s guide to Agricultural Tenancies published

Nigel Davis

Nigel Davis, Agricultural expert at Thomson Hayton Winkley The Rural Law Practice, has recently had the 3rd edition of his guide to Agricultural Tenancies published.

Nigel knows all there is to know about what can be a complex area of rural law and the revised and expanded new edition of the book contains a mass of legal and practical information in a concise and user-friendly format, and includes precedents and helpful practical notes.

Nigel says “I was delighted to accept the publisher’s invitation to write this third edition of what has always been regarded as a very useful book of reference for practitioners who want to learn about the complex law of agricultural tenancies or those who need some guidance without having to wade through the acknowledged “bibles” on the subject.

I hope this book will assist both groups and also help remove some of the mystique that surrounds the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 and the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995”

Published by Wildy & Son Ltd. For further information, and to order a copy click HERE.

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