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Cumbrian Author Back With Two Good Reads

Jane Ions

[J]ane Ions wrote a weekly column in the Carlisle Evening News and Star for three years back in the mid-nineties.  She has also written for Punch, The Times, The Observer and regularly for The Newcastle Journal.

Her aim as a writer is always to give her readers a lively, interesting and entertaining read.  Jane has now published two books, both page-turners.  Try these on Kindle, or find the paperbacks in the Amazon Bookstore.

Ruth is she who laughs first.  She has a problem with her sex life.  It’s an awkward problem, difficult to get help with.  She can’t confide in friends, they would enjoy it too much.  They would try to be sympathetic for Ruth’s sake, but actually they’d love it, and they would talk about it, and more and more people would get to know. Soon the whole town would know about it, and she would fear for her husband, Greg.  Their problem would be discussed in the pubs and at the school gates, and everyone would have so much fun with it that Ruth would have to crawl under her bed and wait until the Polar ice caps melt, and people had more urgent things to think about.

And of course, when we read about Ruth’s problem and her search for answers, we enjoy it too, because other people’s problems can be so much fun.

Sally’s son Dan can’t afford to pay rent, so he moves back home after university along with a series of girlfriends and his friend Baz.  The extended household becomes more exotic by degrees, until Sally feels she is not managing it but riding it bareback over hot coals.  Sally’s husband Bill is an ambitious politician with prospects.  He needs an unconventional home life like he needs a ladies’ underwear fetish.  As Bill’s career approaches a critical climax on a national stage, Sally struggles to prevent the younger members of the household chatting to the Press, which would be a very bad idea.

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