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Keswick man denies disturbing osprey nest

Carlisle Magistrates Court
Carlisle Magistrates Court

[A] man from Keswick has been charged under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, with allegedly disturbing a nesting site of a wild bird.

There are two allegations that on June 13, 2017, Paul Martin Barnes, aged 44, of Brook Cottage, Keswick was at Thornthwaite near Bassenthwaite Lake and he is accused to have intentionally or recklessly disturbed a wild bird, included in the Wildlife and Countryside act, namely a male osprey and a female osprey, while it was in, or near a nest allegedly containing eggs or young.

Barnes lawyer, Douglas Lloyd explained to the District Judge Gerald Chalk sitting at Carlisle Magistrates Court, that his client was excused attendance today, [Thurs].

Barnes pleaded not-guilty to both allegations, a trial is expected to be arranged for later this year at Workington.

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