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Cumbria Army Cadets Remember Regimental Battle Honour

ACF cadets

[E]ighty cadets from Cumbria Army Cadet Force aged between 12 and 18 will spend the weekend practicing and being tested on their drill movements before joining veterans of The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment and The King’s Own Royal Border Regiment on Sunday to parade through the city. This weekend is considered a highlight on the Regiment’s calendar, commemorating the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745, in which the Duke of Cumberland fought against the French in the War of the Austrian Succession.

“This is so much more than just a parade” said Colonel Anthony Steven, who is Commandant of Cumbria Army Cadet Force. “It is a chance for the hundreds of Army Cadets from around our county to come together and proudly display their skills and abilities. They can also demonstrate the important part they play within the community through support for the veterans of The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment and its illustrious predecessors”.

He continued; “The Army Cadet Force is not just about military skills. It’s about challenging the cadets to learn more, do more and try more. We inspire them to aim higher and go further in life no matter what they want to do”. He went on to explain how every cadet gains new skills and experiences, with the opportunity to embark lifetime adventures, under the guidance of dedicated adult volunteers. The annual Fontenoy weekend is a key part of this training.

The route on Sunday will see the Cadets and veterans leave Carlisle Castle at 12:30 and march to the Cathedral, where a special service of thanksgiving and remembrance will be held. The parade will then return to the Castle, where there will be an inspection by Colonel Andrew Kennedy, Commandant of the Defence School of Transport. Members of the public are welcome to enjoy the parade and show their support.

To find out more about Cumbria Army Cadet Force, go to, where you can find your nearest detachment and discover more about the Army Cadets.

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