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Gone Cuckoo in Orton and Castle Carrock

[G]one Cuckoo is the next show from Highlights at The Watson Institute in Castle Carrock on Friday May 18th and it promises to be a bit different. It’s a celebration of an iconic bird, the Cuckoo, as myth and science meet in a compelling tale told through story, song and music.

For thousands of years, the Cuckoo has been part of folklore and its call present in songs, poems and stories. But now the bird is disappearing in England and we may soon stop hearing that iconic “Cuc-coo”.

Father and son duo, Malcolm Green(storyteller) and Joshua Green (musician) are collaborating to tell the Cuckoo’s tale. And with a wry trickster smile, they will take you on a compelling journey, weaving together the rhythms, stories and songs of this extraordinary creature and the lands over which it travels.

Join us to discover the secrets of his voyage as Spring continues to unfold all around us. The show will begin at 8pm. Bring a bottle or bring your drinks over from The Duke.

Tickets are £10 Adults, £5 under 18s, £25 for a Family of 4. All from Tom Speight on 01228 670054.

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