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Allerdale Pubwatch members receive defibrillator training

Door supervisors from Atlas security

[P]otential life-serving training has been delivered to Allerdale Pubwatch Scheme members.

Defibrillator training was delivered by staff from the North West Ambulance Service on Wednesday 9th May at Paduas, Workington.

The training, which was organised by Pubwatch Coordinator Lisa Elder, was delivered to Pubwatch members, which included door supervisors and taxi marshals.

Lisa Elder, West Cumbia Pubwatch Coordinator

Lisa Elder, West Cumbia Pubwatch Coordinator, said: “I’d like thank the staff from the North West Ambulance Service for the delivery of this potentially vital training.

“Even if they never need to use this skill it is one which could prove vitally important. It’s much better to have the training and not need to use it, than the other way around.

“Those that attended the training enjoyed the session and have gained confidence and knowledge in using equipment.

“This training is part of a wider piece of work to ensure that members of the public can spend time in local pubs and clubs safely and responsibly.”

Lauren Watson NWAS, Lisa Elder Pubwatch Coordinator and PCSO Rachel Pape

Lauren Watson, NWAS Chain of Survival Lead, Cumbria, Said: “The North West Ambulance Service is committed to training as many members of the general public that wants to learn how to save the life of a person who is suffering a cardiac arrest.  By starting CPR the person’s chances of surviving double and early defibrillation can triple a person’s chances.

“By having people trained around the area within the Pubwatch scheme if you do suffer a cardiac arrest in the town there will be a good chance that someone nearby who knows what to do.”

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