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Lakes College students propose changes for Whitehaven

Lakes college students with their workplace co-ordinator Phillip Graham (with blue gloves on) at the Settlement (Maryport)

[R]ecently Lakes College students took part in “WEX week” as part of their work experience. The work experience is designed to bridge the gap between education and the world of work, and can help aid students’ progression and develop employability skills. It also aims to develop students’ occupational skills and instil the attitudes and behaviours expected at work.

AECOM supported WEX Week with five managers, from different areas who worked with learners throughout the week in a variety of different situations. Starting out in the classroom they completed team building activities to improve softer skills, such as communication. This was followed by a project looking at the redevelopment of Whitehaven town centre. Students presented their ideas to Mike Starkie (Mayor of Copeland) and Pat Graham (Chief Executive Officer at Copeland Borough Council), who were full of praise for the students’ ideas on how to improve the area. Towards the end of the week the students took part in a community project at The Settlement, Maryport working on their gardens.

Lakes college students and members of staff from AECOM completing group tasks

Iain Irving, Group Vice President with AECOM N&E International said: “It was a fantastic experience for all our volunteers. The students and staff got fully engaged and made a huge difference to the Maryport community project. We were very proud to see the students present their ideas for re-planning Whitehaven to the Mayor and MD of the Borough Council, to whom we are very grateful for their assistance.”

Pat Graham commented: “I am really impressed with the work the students have completed over the last few days, they have got some fantastic ideas which we will consider and take forward. I am so happy to support young people and the college with projects that showcase invidious talent and ability.”

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