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Showing of critically acclaimed film ‘Breathe’ to support Rotary’s polio campaign

[T]o support Rotary’s ongoing campaign to eradicate polio from the world Penrith Rotary, in association with the Rheged Centre, Penrith, will be screening the critically acclaimed film ‘Breathe’ at 2.30pm on 20th May 2018.

Tickets, £6.50, concessions £5.50, available on line at or box office 01768868000. All money raised from the showing will be increased two fold by the Bill and Melinda Gates (Microsoft) Foundation and used in the final push to eradicate polio.

‘Breathe’ is an inspirational and highly emotional celebration of bravery and human possibility, a true love story about living every breath as though it’s your last. Adventurous and charismatic Robin Cavendish (Andrew Garfield) has his whole life ahead of him when he is paralysed by polio whilst in Africa in 1958. Contrary to all advice, Robin’s wife (Claire Foy) brings him home from hospital where her devotion and witty determination transcends his disability. Together they refuse to be imprisoned by his suffering; dazzling others with their humour, courage and lust for life.

For some 30 years Rotary has worked with the World Health Organisation UNICEF, other agencies, governments and the Gates Foundation, to eradicate polio. Over 2.5 billion children have been immunised and from some 350,000 cases a year in 125 countries there are now only 3 polio endemic countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria, which in 2017 experienced in total 22 cases of polio. As at 10th April this year only 7 cases have occurred. Whereas we are so close to eradication over 2 billion doses of polio vaccine still need to be administered each and every year in over 60 countries. Until the world has no cases for 3 years, and total eradication certified, all countries remain at risk,including the UK – polio is just a plane ride away.

The world is on the brink of one of the great landmarks in medical history. We are so, so close – please help us to achieve it.

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