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Simply Wild exhibition at RSPB Geltsdale Gallery

Amanda Mudge Hare

[T]he unadorned joy and wonder of experiencing wildlife is the inspiration for the latest exhibition at the RSPB Geltsdale Gallery.

Amanda Mudge’s show Simply Wild, which runs from Monday 28 May to Monday 23 July, features paintings of Cumbrian wildlife that aim to capture the life-affirming experience of seeing them in the countryside.

Amanda, who based in Carlisle, says: “Animals and birds make our world a more exciting and extraordinary place.  This is especially true of those in the wild and of those farm animals on the fells who still retain something of their elusive wild nature.  It is a privilege to see these creatures and the sight of them often stops us in our tracks.  Sometimes we only get a brief glimpse of them and it is that moment which is the inspiration for this exhibition.

“That moment is one of wonder and joy and something to be greatly treasured.  It is also one which we carry with us long after the animal or bird has hopped or flown away and disappeared from view.

“In this exhibition I represent some of our Cumbrian creatures using loose clean lines.  I wanted the style of the painting to be in harmony with those simple precious moments.”

Simply Wild is part of Impressions of the Wild, a programme of six exhibitions at RSPB Geltsdale Gallery by local artists, celebrating the mysteries and wonders of the natural world.

The RSPB Geltsdale Gallery is open daily 9am to 5pm.

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