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Carlisle man threatened sports bar deputy manager with knife

Players bar, Botchergate

[A] DRUNKEN Carlisle sports bar customer who threatened the deputy manager with a knife has been sent to prison.

Arron Graham brandished the blade after approaching Benjamin Blunden, who had been alerted to a disturbance inside Players, on Botchergate.

Graham pulled a knife from his pocket and, while stood only arms length away from Mr Blunden, told him: “I will cut you up.”

Carlisle Crown Court heard how the victim was unhurt but feared for his safety and believed Graham, 23, may carry out his chilling threat.

When arrested in the city centre, “highly intoxicated” Graham was found to have a lock knife and knuckleduster in his possession. He had “little recollection” of the bar incident, on April 11, but later stressed it would be “out of character” for him to commit such a crime.

Judge Peter Hughes QC jailed Graham, of Weardale Road, Carlisle, for 16 months after he admitted two offensive weapon possession charges. Judge Hughes observed: “Once you get a knife out in circumstances like that, anything is likely to happen.”

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