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Nuts about Noodle

Noodle on arrival and ready to go to his new home

[N]oodle, a handsome 8 month old whippet, arrived at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, Wetheral, when his new owner could no longer cope and rehomed him to a friend.

After only a week, a change in circumstances meant once again he needed a new home, and the owner decided to contact the Charity for help. The owner knew Noodle was underweight and on arrival, Noodle was found to be 25% underweight for a dog of his breed and size, and urgent help was needed. The team at Oak Tree worked alongside veterinary partners, Eden Vets, to create a diet and care plan that would enable him to be nursed back to full health, ready to find his forever home.

Noodle responded well to his care at Oak Tree and after seven weeks, he has now found a fabulous family who are ready to cater for his every need.

Gemma Pagan, Noodle’s caseworker at Oak Tree said “we are absolutely delighted that Noodle has found his forever home. When he came into the charity his weight was our primary concern and we needed to work quickly to make sure that he suffered no long-term medical issues from being so underweight. We were pleased that his previous owner recognised he wasn’t coping and signed Noodle over into our care to make sure he got the help he needed. Noodle has a fabulous personality and is always friendly and into everything, once the weight was back on, we knew that someone would fall in love with him!”

For further information about how to rehome an animal from Oak Tree or to find out how you can help animals like Noodle please visit or the Charity’s Facebook page.

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