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Barrow man issued with three-year Criminal Behaviour Order

Craig Adams

[O]fficers in south Cumbria have taken action to stop a Barrow man’s serial antisocial and criminal behaviour.

A three-year Criminal Behaviour Order was secured on 16th May, at Furness Magistrates’ Court, against Craig Adams, aged 43, of Salthouse Road, Barrow.

The Criminal Behaviour Order prohibits him from:

  • Causing harassment, alarm or distress by any words or actions towards Ambulance staff, Furness General Hospital staff including mental health staff and any members of the public who in the course of their daily employment encounter him.
  • Calling emergency or medical services for medical advice or aid or encouraging by his actions or his reports anyone else to do so on his behalf, unless there is a potentially life-threatening situation.

Inspector James Bailey said: “As part of our continued efforts to tackle persistent offending we applied for this Criminal Behaviour Order. We would like to thank the CPS for their support and the court for granting our application.

“This CBO will be used to protect our partners from unacceptable abuse and harassment. It also mean they can focus their support on the members of the community who need it most.”

Anyone who witnesses Craig Adams breaching the terms of his CBO should contact the police.

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