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Ambleside Photographer Picked Out by National Competition

George Hawksworth’s photo

[A]n Ambleside man has been highlighted by judges as one of the favourite entries so far in a national competition.

George Hawksworth entered a photo taken in a small orchard town in the Mustang region of Nepal called Marpha. He said: “There are a few reasons why I treasure this photo. The first is probably for simply meeting such a majestic animal up close and spending time in its presence.

“The main reason why I will treasure this photo, though, is the fact that I had been trekking for two weeks in the Himalayas with my camera, and I just couldn’t get a good photo of anything!

“Locals in doorways, monks in monasteries, birds of prey, mountain landscapes, I had taken photos of them all but was unhappy with all that I took. I was getting really fed up with my lack of skill on this trip.

“Anyway, two days after hiking the toughest part of the trek, my guide took me to a quaint mountain village for an afternoon, and there they were – two peaceful and majestic beasts, just minding their own business and taking life one mouthful of straw at a time. They just stood as you see them in this photo.

“I also treasure this photo because the village I took the photo in had the tastiest apples I have ever eaten! It also marked the completion of the toughest trek I have done to date.

“It is the best trip I have been on yet and this photo reminds me of all the other days there too. From witnessing street parties to gazing across high mountain lakes, this trip had it all and this one photo jogs my memory every time.”

The Treasured Photo competition, run by online scrapbook and photo album Storychest, asks people across the UK to share their favourite pictures and stand the chance of winning £100 Amazon vouchers and free Storychest subscriptions.

Storychest founder, Charlotte McMillan, said of the competition: “We used to be able to find out about our past by looking at photo albums and letters. Now, we’re living in an age where photos and messages are stored on disposable devices, and many memories are therefore lost or forgotten.

“With our Treasured Photo competition, we’re looking for the photos which stand out for people as special and meaningful. We think this will help to show how important it is to keep hold of these treasured memories for generations to come.”

People should enter photos via the Storychest homepage or on Twitter, using the hashtag #TreasuredPhoto. “We’ll be contacting shortlisted entries to find out the story behind their photo,” added McMillan, “so we can learn more about the kinds of memories people find most valuable.”

“We’re hoping the competition will help people realise the value of those memories they have, and the importance of keeping them safe and secure,” added McMillan.

To enter your treasured photo, visit by the closing date of June 15th – prizes include a £100 Amazon voucher and six months’ subscription to Storychest. The winner and runners up will be announced on June 25th via the Storychest Twitter feed: @storychest_

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