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Police acting in West Cumbria following speeding concerns

[S]peeding drivers in West Cumbria are being targeted as police listen to concerns of people living in areas impacted.

In recent months, five sites in West Cumbria have been identified as concerning and appropriate for mobile speed camera enforcement to take place, with the aim of making such stretches of road safer for all users.

A survey was carried out on the A595 at Holmrook which flagged the road as being appropriate for mobile speed camera enforcement due to drivers disregarding the posted speed limit. The site has been visited 11 times in recent months with 181 NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) notices being issued as a result.

Stainburn Road in Workington has similarly been visited 10 times, with 66 NIP notices being issued as a result.

Seaton Road in Broughton Moor is another section of road which has been highlighted. Following four visits by mobile speed cameras, 12 NIP notices have been issued.

King Street in Wigton is also the subject of on-going enforcement via mobile speed cameras, with three NIP notices issued to date whilst Rosley continues to be the subject of such visits by enforcement cameras after 57 NIP notices were issues in 2017 from 16 visits.

Chair of West Cumbria Multi-Agency CRASH Group Chief Inspector Jon Sherlock said: “These sites have been identified following reports of concerns from members of the public. These reports have been followed up with road surveys which have supported the concerns raised and we have put enforcement in place as a result.

“The effort is in support of the goals of Cumbria Road Safety Partnership – of which Cumbria Police is a member – to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads.

“Excessive and inappropriate speeding contributes to collisions every day on roads across our county and beyond, we are pro-actively tackling this issue.”

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