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Praise for officer who works with families following fatal crashes

PC Vanessa Busby

[A] dedicated Family Liaison Officer who has demonstrated remarkable commitment to supporting and assisting bereaved families has received a Commendation from the Chief Constable.

Police Constable Vanessa Busby has worked with families across the county, in addition to her role as a patrol officer in West Cumbria, assisting families who have lost loved ones due to road traffic collisions on our roads.

It is a specialist role that only a select number of officers are equipped to succeed in, with the need to marry sensitivity and empathy with professionalism and diligence.

Police Constable Busby has time and again shown a willingness to inconvenience herself to be able to provide the best possible service to bereaved families.

Police Sergeant Mike Quigley said: “Police Constable Busby’s exemplary work as a Family Liaison Officer is outstanding and she is an excellent ambassador for the Constabulary.

“The effort she puts into this particularly complex role has earned her the gratitude of the families she works alongside and colleagues alike.

“This recognition not only reflects well on Police Constable Busby’s sterling work but goes some way to highlighting the excellent service families receive from FLOs across the county.”

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