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Inspired by Nature is Open!

[T]he Forestry Commission and the Royal Society of Sculptors have opened a new exhibition as part of Grizedale Forest’s 50th Anniversary of Arts and Culture in the forest.

Last night (24th May) the exhibition opened with a private viewing. The Forestry Commissioned welcomed artists and partners such as The Lake District Foundation.

Julian Wild of the Royal Society of Sculptors and Tim Oliver, Head of Recreation and Public Affairs for the Forestry Commission opened the exhibition.

Tim Oliver said: “This exhibition showcases the work of 9 sculptors who in various ways take their inspiration from the natural world, be it through materials such as sculpting with pine needles like the figure by Linda Johns, or the small figure by Anna Gillespie made of cast acorn caps through to more geometric forms of Julian Wild and Neil Ferber.

“In this show you will also see artists’ responses to themes of farming, climate change and forest stories all utilising materials in a variety of ways to convey fascinating themes within our interaction with nature.

“We’d like to thank the artists who put forward their works for the exhibition and for the Royal Society of Sculptors who have partnered this exhibition.”

The Forestry Commission and the Royal Society of Sculptures are inviting visitors now until 23rd September to experience the natural world through the thoughts and ideas of the artists who have produced the works in the exhibition.

The artists are:

  • Sadie Brockbank
  • Linda johns
  • Neil Ferber
  • Jeremy Turner
  • Anna Gillespie
  • Diane Maclean
  • Gerry Judah
  • Julian Wild
  • Janne Malmros

Arts Development Manager Hazel Stone says; “We are delighted to be working with the Royal Society of Sculptors. Grizedale Forest is a working forest where not only timber is produced but artworks, ideas, new conversations, collaborations and memories. This is an exciting year for us and we hope for our audiences as we invite them to celebrate with us through a range of events which unite forestry, adventure, wildlife and the arts in a variety of ways.”

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