Cumbria Crack

Residents urged to be vigilant of sunny-weather thieves

[R]esidents across north Cumbria are being urged to be vigilant of opportunist thieves this bank holiday weekend.

With sunny weather forecast, officers are keen to remind the public of the importance of home security to deter criminals.

It is expected that many people will be spending time in the garden this weekend and thieves often look to take advantage by targeting areas of houses that the occupants can’t see. To combat this police advise members of the public to lock windows and doors that they cannot see if they are in the garden.

Detective Sergeant Chris Brennand said: “We often find that a spell of nice weather can lead to opportunist thieves targeting areas of houses that residents may not be able to see. For example if you are in the back garden they may try to gain access the front door or front windows.

“Many of these thieves will simply take a chance on a door or window handle. If it is locked they move quickly on.

“We hope that members of the public enjoy their bank holiday weekend and that they take heed of our advice to prevent them being victims. It takes very little effort and time to check that doors and windows that you cannot see are secure, so please lock doors and windows to help prevent such crime this weekend.”

As well as ensuring doors and windows are locked, police ask that residents report suspicious activity. Also officers ask that garden tools, BBQs and any other possessions are locked away in sheds and garages overnight.

Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity is asked to contact police on 101 or in an emergency contact 999.

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