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Central Plaza repairs could take several more weeks

[E]mergency repairs on the Central Plaza building on Victoria Viaduct in Carlisle could take several more weeks to complete.

A Carlisle City Council spokesperson said: “The construction plan for the next stage of works is now in place and cranes are scheduled to arrive on site early tomorrow (Thursday, 7 June).

“The works will initially focus on the resumed removal of the loose masonry on the front of the building. Both cranes will be required due to the weight and size of the stone.

“Once this is completed, the other emergency works required to make the building safe will start – removal of two large chimneys to the front section of the either side of the mansard roof (north and south faces) and then the removal of the mansard roof over the front section of the building and reduction of top level masonry, including the chimneys, down to parapet level. It is estimated that around 32 tonnes of stone and building material will be required to be removed (including the seven tonnes previously identified).

“Two chutes will be installed on either side of the gable ends and will allow quicker removal of the lighter masonry. This method of working will allow one of the cranes to move off site and provide more flexibility on site.

“The full series of works are likely to take several weeks although every attempt will be made to accelerate the programme as they get underway.

“As the former Central Plaza building has no owner (it is currently in escheat but rests with the Crown Estate), the City Council is duty bound to ensure that the property does not cause an immediate danger to persons in and around the building. This is covered under the Building Act 1984 s78 Dangerous Buildings – Emergency Measures. All possible steps are being taken to find the quickest way to do this.”

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