Cumbria Crack

Thunderstorm warning issued for Cumbria

[T]he recent warm and humid weather means there is the potential for thunderstorms developing in Cumbria on Saturday and Sunday.

The period of potential disruption from thundery downpours begins at 10am today, and runs through to 11pm this evening.  There is also a possibility of further isolated showers on Sunday.

An Environment Agency spokesman said: “Although it is difficult to predict exact locations affected, rainfall totals of up to 40mm in a 3 hour period on areas of high ground are possible on Saturday.

“Possible impacts may be surface water flooding from intense localised rainfall causing disruption to road/rail/pedestrian travel, especially in the more urban areas. Properties may also be at risk from surface water and smaller rapidly responding upland and urban watercourses.”

Be flood ready. It is important that you are prepared for flooding, the Environment Agency encourage you to take 3 simple steps:-

Sign up to our Flood Warning Service to receive free flood warnings

Know what to do when a flood warning is issued.  We encourage you have a personal flood plan for you and your family

Keep an eye on the situation.  You can view at 5 day weather forecast and monitor river levels online at and

Further information is available on our website or by ringing Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

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