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WATCH: Funnel cloud spotted over Eden Valley

L-R: Funnel cloud over Milburn (Ray Healey), between Langwathby and Culgaith (Jonny Brownsell), Kirkby Thore (Pauline Grace) and Long Marton (Marie Davidson)

[A] funnel cloud has been spotted in the Eden Valley after some parts of Cumbria were battered by thunderstorms today causing torrential rain and flash flooding.

A funnel cloud is a cone-shaped cloud which extends from the base of a cloud towards the ground without actually reaching the surface, if a funnel cloud touches the ground or water it would be a tornado.

A rotating column of wind draws in cloud droplets, making a region of intense low pressure visible.

They are formed in the same way as a tornado building around this localised area of intensely low pressure and are typically associated with the formation of cumulonimbus thunderclouds.

Funnel cloud over Milburn by Ray Healey.

Funnel cloud seen between Langwathby and Culgaith by Jonny Brownsell.

Funnel cloud seen from Kirkby Thore by Pauline Grace.

Funnel cloud from Long Marton by Marie Davidson.

Long Marton by Lynne Robinson
Flooding at the end of Appleby dual carriageway causing long tailbacks (photo Becky Wilkinson)

There were delays on the A66 at Appleby due to flash- flooding.

Rainfall accumulation for the last 12 hours

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