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Wildflower wonders workshop to be held in Whitehaven

Wildflower Identification (c) Sophie Badrick

[N]ext week the Colourful Coast Partnership and Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre have another workshop in their Nature Recorders series. The Wildflower Wonders Workshop will be held in Whitehaven next Thursday, 21st June between 10am to 3pm.

The Nature Recorders programme encourages local people to map, identify and record the habitats and species of the Copeland coast.

Stuart Colgate, Recoding Officer for the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre says; “We have good records of some species but there are still gaps in our knowledge.  We hope these sessions will encourage people to get out, records what they see and upload their results.  This will provide valuable information about the plants and animals of the area that haven’t been well recorded like plants, fungi and most invertebrates.”

The wildflower wonders workshop will cover how to identify wildflowers using a key, books, and hand lens, and will include some time outside identifying flowers and grasses that are commonly found in Copeland.

Sophie Badrick, Colourful Coast Project officer, said: “The coast is bursting with grasses and wildflowers at the moment so it’s a great time to get outside and explore.  We really want to get people out spotting, identifying and recording wildflowers, grasses and other plants  so whether you’re a complete novice or already know the names of plants you see while you’re out and about there will be an opportunity for you to join in.  If you want to gain some new skills, discover more about your local area or contribute to our knowledge and understanding of this amazing area then we’d love for you to be involved.”

The free workshop is open to anyone, whatever your skill level so if you would like to get involved or would like more information please email [email protected] or phone 07342088015

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