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UHMBT shows continued improvement in National Inpatient Survey

Furness General Hospital

[A]dult inpatient services at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) are showing sustained and continued improvement, according to the latest National Adult Inpatient Survey 2017 published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

UHMBT rated significantly better on 13 of the 62 questions than the other trusts who commissioned Picker Institute Europe to carry out the survey.

The Trust scored the same as the other Trusts on the remaining 49 questions – not falling below in any area.

The National Adult Inpatient Survey had a number of highlights for the Trust, including:

  • Over 89% of respondents rated the care they received as 7 or more out of 10
  • 87% felt they were treated with dignity and respect
  • 86% of respondents always had trust and confidence in their doctors
  • 98% felt the room or ward they received care in was very or fairly clean
  • 91% felt that there was enough privacy when being examined or treated

Positive results were also seen in other areas, such as: hospital staff delivering emotional support; staff not having conversations in front of patients that make them feel they aren’t involved; staff responding to requests for help in a reasonable time; patients being well hydrated during their stay in hospital; and explanations regarding operations and procedures being given in an understandable way.

Compared with its own results in the 2016 survey, the Trust has performed significantly better in four areas – having to wait a long time for a bed when admitted; not enough nurses being on duty; delays on discharge from hospital; and families not being given enough information to help care when loved ones are discharged from hospital. There have been no areas of decline compared with the previous survey.

Aaron Cummins, Chief Executive, UHMBT, said: “Listening to patients and staff about their experiences whilst in our care – what we do well and where we can improve – is absolutely essential. In fact, as the Chief Executive, I believe the feedback from our patients and staff is the most important measure of my own performance. I am absolutely committed to making this Trust a great place to work and a great place to be cared for, and we are delighted that this survey is showing sustained and continued improvement for our adult inpatient services.

“I am particularly pleased to see improvements in areas such as there being enough nurses on duty and delays in patients being discharged – both areas our staff have been working considerably hard to improve.

“These results help to demonstrate what we have all been working towards and focusing on with our communities, stakeholders and commissioners, which is providing positive outcomes and an improved patient experience.”

UHMBT uses a wide variety of methods to receive feedback from people who use its services. Examples of this include: the addition of a patient story at the beginning of every public Trust Board meeting; the launch of a telephone feedback service where patients can leave a voice message about their experience – good or bad; written questionnaires for patients to complete when receiving care; and the opportunity to speak directly to the Trust about any compliments or concerns via its dedicated Patient Advice and Liaison Service team.

Aaron, concluded: “We still have lots of work to do to further improve but these results help to show us that we are on the right path. The culture in our Trust has shifted dramatically over recent years, and whilst we might not always get it right, there are numerous examples of where our staff go above and beyond to offer the best experience to our patients – from a nurse searching a local bus station after a long shift to find a patient’s lost wedding ring to our surgical team developing a bespoke admission plan for a patient with learning difficulties who was scared of coming into hospital.

“On behalf of the whole Trust, I’d like to thank all those that took the time to feedback on their experiences, and our multi-disciplinary teams across our hospitals and community services for all their hard work in achieving this for patients, families and carers across Morecambe Bay.”

This is the fifteenth survey of adult inpatients and it involved 148 acute and specialist NHS trusts across the country. Patients were eligible to respond if they were aged 16 years or older, had spent at least one night in hospital and were not admitted to maternity or psychiatric units. The survey is based on a sample of consecutively discharged patients who attended the Trust in July 2017. A total of 1,119 eligible patients were sent a questionnaire, and UHMBT saw an excellent response rate of 43.5%.

The purpose of the survey is to understand what patients think of healthcare services provided by the Trust. The questionnaire reflects the priorities and concerns of patients and is based upon what is most important from the patient’s perspective.

For more information on the Inpatient Survey and to view the survey results, visit:

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