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The Wainwright Society 2019 Calendar now on sale

[T]he Wainwright Society has announced that the 2019 Calendar has just been published and is now on sale. Once again, the format includes photographs of the Lake District taken by Society members, together with line drawings and quotations from the works of Alfred Wainwright. For the past ten years, the Calendar has completely sold out raising thousands of pounds for our designated charities!

The proceeds from sales of the 2019 calendar will be donated to the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS), a charitably funded organisation that provides essential support for life-threatening incidents or potentially life-threatening incidents across north-east England, Yorkshire and Cumbria.

This can include injuries sustained in places completely inaccessible by road or in adverse weather conditions, which can expose the patient to further danger or risk of exacerbating their condition. However, it is the skills of the trauma team on board that really make the difference to the patient. Currently, GNAAS uses first-generation ultrasound equipment and it is hoped that the funds raised by The Wainwright Society will be sufficient to supplement this with the latest ultrasound machines.

The price of the calendar has been held at £10 including p&p. The calendar can be purchased direct from the Society website using PayPal. Details are on the Society website:

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